Café ‘call on': Shillong Chapter

Starting with little stalls and college corner cafes, Shillong provides for both college going students and working people a delectable rest space. If we’re here to talk about some delicious bites then we can never let the kongs selling the fruit pieces with a spicy sprinkle, go unnoticed. Take one packet at a meagre 10 rupees and munch the tangy and sweet pleasures while strolling and talking to your friend. As we're going to dig deeper into the topic of taste and talk, we may as well explore the café culture of Shillong. These are the spaces where we come to catch up with our friends and the concept of eating out is interdependent with it. Sometimes, we come alone for some me time to sit in the seldom seen corner of that peaceful café. The theme of a café directly interrelates with the environment they present and does seem to attract its tribe of customers, or very truly anybody can explore the types out.

Coming on top of my list is Dylan’s Café which is very distinctly named after Bob Dylan. Cornered in the Tripura Castle Road in Dhankheti, it’s also near to St. Edmund’s College. As you enter, the dangling cassettes greet you in the stairway. It’s spacious balcony seats serve as a roof top eating area. The welcoming décor and the sofa and chairs laid out both outside as well as inside is a pleasurable sight. Again you'll find something quaint going on the ceiling with the arts and scribbles splashed all over. More delight awaits you as the food comes over. If you’re a music and poetry lover, you must come at the open mic nights where you could listen to the enthusiastic artists or even take the mic and the chance to read out your poetry or play some music or sing something.

If we want to talk about that cute college side café, we're at the right place: Souls Café. This café is situated near St. Edmund’s College and another near St. Anthony’s College. A very minimal menu, yet delivers all you want to have for a light lunch or a hunger fill-up during college breaks. Their affordable and palatable brownie with a simple ice cream slathered on top is a must have. Coming to the décor, this drawing room sized space wins with an adorable minimalistic design.

We come to Laitumkhrah just past the Cathedral and near Don Bosco Square and we pass Omega’s café. The place is a little cramped but the food and the price is a grab for students. Wooden walled and floored, the place is simple and busy mostly.

Want a quiet study space or to chat freely with friends, visit Hashtag. It’s a newcomer in the town but they offer good food and good service.

I'll end with a worthy one as the last but not the least: ML05 Café. Crave for an outskirts café, a bit away from the town, may be even near a wood, visit ML05 Café. The tall trees and the cycle rides to take will not only leave you in the best mood but the good food and worth-watching ambience and combining decors and themes will also leave you in wonder and delight.


Last updated: 13th Oct, 2020 

[Disclaimer: Lists are biased. These are based on my personal likes]